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Helicopter parents: It's the name given to the obsessively protective moms and dads who 'hover' around their kids. Of course, those kids end up becoming helpless teenagers and adults who always look for mama to swoop in and save them—a major parenting no-no. But what exactly separates the garden-variety parent from one that can't seem to give her kids a little space? Are you a helicopter parent? Check out some of the most obvious signs.
Some parents worry that learning the news about Santa Claus could cause significant emotional damage. What do the experts say about handling the Santa Question?
It's no secret that the holidays bring together families, cheer, good food ... and sometimes, tricky behavior from our kids. Check out some common offenders, and how to deal.
Are you having difficulty talking to your second grader?  Here's expert parenting advice to make it a little easier for both you and your child.
Here are six museums to visit that are rich in learning opportunities, but aren't spread across acres or up three floors.
Unfortunately, there's no magic spell that keeps you calm under the toughest pressures of parenting. But following these 10 tips will certainly help!
Tired of your little one's little white lies? It's not the big deal you may think it is. Lying is extremely common among children around preschool-age, and that's due to some interesting reasons. Check out these tips on dealing with a young child who has some trouble telling the truth, and you'll learn a few interesting psychological tidbits as well.
What's a frustrated parent to do? Here are 10 essential steps to dealing with a defiant child.
To avoid the reading slump and keep your kids reading this summer, host a reading party! Here's how.
Parenting a toddler can be tough. Here's how to help with appropriate and effective discipline techniques for this age.
Ever wonder how kids can be so well-behaved at school, and so out of control at home? Try these four time-tested teacher tricks for getting kids to behave.
Here are some expert ideas for staying in touch with your children about school.
Amy Chua made headlines in 2011 with the release of her parenting tome, 'Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom,' a book that detailed her intense and sometimes questionable parenting style. Dubbed the original 'tiger' parent, Chua believes that children need to be pushed, pulled, molded and squashed into success at any cost.

Does this sound like you? If so, you might be labeled as a tiger parent. While Chua blames Western moms and dads for being too 'soft' on their kids, tiger parenting is sometimes so intense that it can have a serious effect on a child's psyche. If the following clues point to your parenting style, it might be time to loosen the reins and give your little one some leeway.
One problem that no preschool parent has ever been spared is that of the tantrum. Try some of the following ideas to help avoid tantrums.
Whether you call it slow parenting, simplicity parenting or free-range parenting, this article will teach you what it's all about.
New year, new mom ... right? Not always. Despite good intentions, new year resolutions often fall flat. Get our picks for resolutions that any parent can keep!
From biting to throwing food, some child milestones can be really grating. Read on to learn why kids do them—and what you can do about it.
What exactly is attachment parenting? According to a huge body of scientific research, it can have a major impact on a child's ability to thrive.
Browse parenting educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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