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Your baby's nursery is finally decked out with a cozy chair, a sturdy crib and lots of toys; but is it the ideal environment to foster creativity? Find out how to help your child become a creative baby.
It's 3 AM and you're up with the baby, half-asleep as she wails. New mom sleep deprivation is no joke, and can lead to sticky parenting situations. Take back your rest with these alternative sleep methods.
You're a new parent, tired all the time, and may wonder when you'll ever sleep again. Tackle your postpartum fatigue with these energizing tips.
Sit, stand, scoot, roll over—repeat! You have a 7- to 9-month-old and he won't be kept down. Take advantage of his curiosity and help him grow with these development activities for infants.
Parents of little ones know how quickly a trip to the grocery store can end in a full-blown meltdown. Get these tips on stopping and preventing tantrums in toddlers.
During an all-out tantrum, toddlers sometimes hold their breath until they pass out as a form of control. End these scary breath holding spells with these tips.
Most moms have experienced being judged or receiving disapproving looks and comments about the parenting choices they make. But breast versus bottle is a particularly hot topic, and one that's pretty . . .
Whether you love a local road trip or jet-setting around the globe, your habits change when you bring your child along for the ride. Here are a couple of quick tips to keep any trip with your toddler stress-free.
There's nothing as heartbreaking—or nerve-wracking—as your baby's cry. What's the key to understanding and coping with your baby's cries? Here are five methods to help you respond the right way.
Frustrated trying to decipher your baby's cries? New parents are often anxious about the communication gap with their child, but taking the time to teach baby sign language to your little one can be very beneficial. Find out how!
The controversial theory of Parental Alienation Syndrome can be the deciding factor in an ugly custody battle, and mean one parent being shut out of a child's life. So what's PAS all about?
Counseling teens can be tricky business. Often when social workers receives a call for help to counsel a teen it is from from an exasperated parent who no
Try this classic homemade playdough recipe. It's a project that presents all kinds of opportunities for conversation with your child.
A guide for parents to help children feel safe during times of violent and upsetting national events.
Browse parenting educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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