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Expert parenting advice on how to deal with everyday power struggles between parents and kindergarteners.
Are you having difficulty talking to your kindergartener?  Here's expert parenting advice to make it a little easier for both you and your child.
Here are some fun and family-friendly ways to ring in the New Year with your kids.
Even with the excitement of the holidays, active kids can sometimes feel dizzy with pent-up energy when 'the weather outside is frightful.' Back away from the TV and counter 'I'm booored' with these ten indoor activities.
Here's our list of the most awesome science activities for summer.
Power struggles are a common occurrence during the preschool years. Although they can be difficult to deal with, be aware that young children who attempt to engage in power struggles are actually developing at an age-appropriate level: they are learning that they have their own thoughts, feelings, and desires and that those are sometimes different than adults. This is an important cognitive leap with behavioral changes that will soon become apparent to a preschool parent. Although kids should learn to be assertive, they should understand and follow your rules.
While their behavior may be frustrating to you, keep in mind that young children are constantly exploring their world in order to learn and develop. Testing your limits is one way that they explore their environment. So make sure that you establish firm limits for them as early as possible, and stick to those limits. The earlier that children learn that you are not going to give in, the fewer power struggles you will encounter, not only during the preschool years, but throughout childhood and adolescence. 
The best way to deal with power struggles is to avoid them by managing your child’s schedule and environment, as well as establishing a positive, caring relationship with your child in which your authority is taken seriously. To do both effectively, it's important to have clear, simple rules, and to be consistent in following them. 
Here are some ideas for avoiding power struggles and for dealing with them if they do occur:
Sex education and abstinence are hot-button issues, for schools, and for politicians.  Parenting advice on the differences between the ways sex is taught.
As a parent, do you ever wonder if there’s life after kids when it comes to dining out? Have you vowed never to set foot in another chain restaurant, especially the kind that provides toys with their meals, as long as you live? Granted, there can be a bit of trepidation when it comes to taking children to restaurants that cater to adults. And true, the issue of whether it is appropriate to take young kids out to eat at “nice” establishments has been a long and heated debate, with staunch supporters on both sides of the camp. But when families demonstrate respect and common courtesy to restaurateurs, food service employees and fellow patrons, it goes a long way towards repairing the oft portrayed image of self-indulgent parents who wine and dine the night away oblivious of their children, armed with sippy cups and drippy noses, running amuck.
You've yelled, scolded, bribed and pleaded, yet your child still drags her feet at every simple request. Chore times and homework sessions become a battleground where you both lose. What can you do to motivate kids?

Numerous studies have found that the most effective parenting model is an authoritative one—firm, but loving. Authoritative parents have a high level of involvement, but allow their kids to make choices and face the consequences. As kids get older, parents gradually give more freedom.

Read on to find some specific strategies for motivating kids that fit within the authoritative parenting model.
To make sure your child's bedroom isn't a playroom, den, kitchen or pigsty, avoid the items on this helpful list.
The best parenting advice is relevant in any era. Check out these historic parenting quotes that have stood the test of time.
Use the holidays as a learning opportunity. Here are nine ways to teach your child proper gift giving and gift getting etiquette this holiday season.
Why so serious? These eight April Fools pranks are totally hilarious AND okay to pull on your kid!
Healthy eating during the holidays is hard for everyone, especially children. Teach your child how to stay healthy this holiday season with these eight tips.
Disciplining your kids is hard; that's why there are books and blogs dedicated to the practice. Of course, some of the facts about discipline are ones you'll never learn from an expert. Learn how to curb misbehavior by treating your kid as an individual.
Kids and quality family time go together like peanut butter and jelly; kids and long plane rides ... not so much. Flying with children is never a breeze, but you can minimize the level of turbulence if you play your cards right. Read on for tips on making the trip as easy on your kid—and yourself—as possible.
Find out how helicopter parenting can get in the way of a child's developing autonomy.
Waiting with kids? Here are 10 fun ways to keep kids entertained, busy, and quiet while they wait.
Browse parenting educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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