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Modern parenting in the digital age can be tricky. Learn how to navigate hi-tech issues with these ways that technology has changed parenting.
Every parent knows that story time helps budding learners pick up basic literacy skills and develop of love of reading. Encourage a lifelong love of books in modern kids with these interactive, engaging storybook apps.
In today's wired world, some moms love to share everything about their kid on Facebook; others hide their brood from the Internet. Where do you stand?
Find out why the TV show in the background is harming your child's learning.
The average teen sends one text message every 10 minutes while awake. Here are some ways you can manage the your teen's cell phone mania.
Using several screens at once may be a threat to your child's attention span.
What would life in your home be like without screens for entertainment? Here are 30 great ways to celebrate life during Screen-Free Week.
Whether you need to track appointments or research baby names, these pregnancy apps will turn your phone into your best friend for the next nine months.
Information and advice for parents and educators on cyberbullying- definition, how it can affect children and actions that can prevent online bullying.
Learn how increasing broadband access can improve education in America.
From television to movies, iPads to portable DVD players, it seems like technology was designed to give you a quiet moment from your toddler. But is the TV really the best babysitter for your child? Ninety . . .
In our current techie times, relief from your fussy baby is a tap away. From tracking development to soothing games, check out our top ten baby apps.
Is your teen addicted to video games? Learn about the negative potential of video games and help prevent your child from becoming a video game addict.
An expert discusses everything parents need to know about cellphone safety, text messaging and cell phone distractions.
Parents and children live in a technology-saturated world. This article includes information, tips, and advice for parents to navigate the wired world.
Cheating and plagiarizing with the help of the internet is on the rise. Prevent your child from being tempted to cheat and plagiarize using the internet.
How to you prevent cyberbullying at school? Experts say a whole-school response is key to stopping and preventing cyberbullying and keeping students safe.
Frequently asked questions about online video gaming, video game addiction, and advice for parents on how to keep your child safe.
Browse parenting in the digital world educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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