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Just what are phonemic awareness and phonics, and how can you help your child master these important early learning skills?
Round up those magnetic letters and try a few of these fun, multi-sensory activities to help your preschooler master important early literacy skills
Reading scores cannot be taken at face value: there are many different areas of reading skills, and a child might excel in one while struggling in another.
Phonemic awareness is a crucial step in developing reading skills in young children, and can be practiced with these fun language games.
Check out's list of affixes, with helpful phonetic pronunciations. It's the only list of affixes you need for your ESL learner!
Six approaches to phonics instruction to help children convert letters into sounds, analyze letter-sounds relationships, segment words into phonemes, and more.
Young children can practice phonics and spelling concepts as they play these great online phonics and spelling games.
Provides strategies to assess a student's knowledge of blends, digraphs, and diphthong associations and tips for helping students acquire these associations.
Syllabication rules show students how to divide words into syllables for reading and writing. This article outlines five useful syllabication rules.
A phonogram is a letter or group of letters that represent a single sound. Beginning readers often read and write words using each phonogram.
This article offer excellent tips for parents and educators on teaching children how to spell through daily reading and writing activities.
The ability to rhyme is an essential part of phonemic awareness, an important pre-reading skill. Read about some ways to teach rhyming.
Studies found that learning letters of the alphabet requires many, many experiences with meaningful written language and therefore recommend that teachers take
Help your young reader develop a love of language. Here's how you can boost your child's reading skills.
Controversy surrounds the beginning reading stage. Code-emphasis programs are usually referred to in lay terms as phonics programs. Programs that emphasize the
What are rhyme and phonemic awareness skills?  It includes (1) identifying beginning sounds, (2) segmenting or separating words into individual sounds, and (3)
A love of reading begins early on in kids, so help nurture a curious reader with these everyday tips.
Got an emerging reader on your hands? Sometimes the best way to promote literacy is to grab a book of your own and join in the fun. Here's how you can get your whole family reading!
Browse helping your child with phonics and sound educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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