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The article discusses the effect of poor teaching contributing to learning problems and disabilities in children.
There are many different approaches to teaching reading in the classroom, each with their benefits and shortcomings.
Here are some guidelines for giving your child the tools and strategies to develop a genius mindset, and achieve more in the classroom and beyond.
Teens with credit cards are not exactly new, but the credit crisis is. Here are 7 tips for how parents can teach financial responsibility to their children.
Poor quality work is a problem at any age, but the primary grades are where habits (good or bad) are formed. What can parents do to help?
Mental retardation affects thousands of families, but promoting understanding and helpful tactics make the struggle easier. Here are common signs and ways you can help your child.
Poor performance in language arts is not necessarily a life sentence, but it can feel that way to a first grader.  Here's what parents can do to help.
It's hard to see your kindergarten kid distraught over one of his first friendship dilemmas. Here's how to teach him how to deal with conflict with peers.
Halloween is a complex holiday with a multi-layered past steeped in religion, mythology and superstition alike.
Your child needs to know that there are consequences to the decisions he makes.    Here's how to teach decision-making skills to young kids.
If your child's teacher is using 'scripted teaching,' he may be using a tightly worded script to explain concepts, ask questions, and interact with students.
Students may struggle with math due to environmental factors such as curriculum materials or personal factors such as lack of attention span and poor memory.
Guidelines on fifteen ways parents can have positive interactions with their children. Parents need to guide, support, lead, and teach their children.
Team sports can teach a child how to win and lose gracefully and gain important skills.  How an overzealous parent can get in his child's way.
Summarizes two main purposes for assessing a reader’s vocabulary knowledge. Highlights issues surrounding the teaching of reading vocabulary.
Math achievement problems are usually due to a combination of teaching and student factors including language, cognitive, and motor difficulties.
Impulsive behavior has many common causes and solutions. Read this article and learn to replace your child's impulsive behavior with self-control.
Here are some suggestions for using your child's cell phone as a learning device.
Browse educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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