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If you've got a kid in preschool, your time for peace and quiet has come to an end.  Here's a guide to understanding why your child is talking your ear off.
Is your child dyslexic?  When should parents be concerned that their child may need to see a specialist?
It's a fact: preschoolers squirm, talk out of turn, and sometimes drive their parents crazy with their inexhaustible energy.  But could it be ADHD?
Is your child shy?  Could your pushing be causing him anxiety and to withdraw even more?  Practical parenting tips on helping your shy child.
An expert parenting guide to understanding your preschooler's speech development.
Parents may try many strategies for taming their child's fears. What's the best way to erase childhood fears and help your child get back on track?
Here are answers to common questions about separation anxiety.
Summarizes several behavior problems that typically occur among preschoolers during their development, including eating, sleeping and elimination problems.
Art is important in all areas of an early learning program. Read on to learn how art can enhance young children's understanding of math, science and language.
More and more classrooms are including children with disabilities in general education classrooms. Find out what you need to know about inclusion.
Examines the relationship of theory to social play including cognitive-developmental theory, psychosocial theory, and sociocultural theory.
Provides a description of six assessments commonly used in the preschool years to evaluate young children's language development.
Read about dramatic play, and as a child's primary learning tool, play is the most important learning activity in the preschool classroom.
Promoting physical activity, allowing practice with small-muscle skills and providing nutritious food and rest for children can increase positive behavior.
Examines how toys should be selected that stimulate the imagination, dramatic play, or creativity of children.  Find toy ideas in various developmental domains.
Characteristics of social play are discussed to include variations in the development of social play, sociodramatic play, and play as expression of feelings.
Summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of home-based, center-based, and home-center service models to educate young children with special needs.
Browse preschool learning and your child educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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