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Wondering how to get your child kindergarten ready this summer? Here are great ideas for using nature to prepare your child.
In preschool, math learning is all about counting, number recognition, and one-to-one correspondence. Here's how to help your child practice at home.
Round up those magnetic letters and try a few of these fun, multi-sensory activities to help your preschooler master important early literacy skills
Whether the upcoming school year means back to babysitter or back to school for your children, these books are sure to help ease them into independence.
Integrating science into familiar settings can bring the magic of science to life. Here are some fun ways to introduce your preschooler to science at the park.
Here is a run down of four different preschool programs, and how they best serve children of different temperaments.
Here are great ideas to turn your preschooler's romp at the playground into a fun-filled adventure in science.
A new study shows that the type of preschool a child attends at 4 years old, will affect how he or she learns at 7.
Is your child shy?  Could your pushing be causing him anxiety and to withdraw even more?  Practical parenting tips on helping your shy child.
Do your child's preschool prospects make you feel like a babe in the woods? Here's the scoop on three of the most popular preschool pedagogies around.
Early Childhood Screening is probably not something that most parents are familiar with, but heads-up: it may be coming to your area soon!
Parents of young child know to expect the unexpected when it comes to structuring a preschooler's day. But do preschoolers really need all that structure?
From his first step to his first sentence, you've been championing your son's growth and development. Now it's time to pass the torch to his preschool teacher.
Is your child ready for kindergarten? The answer might not be as straightforward as just her age. Read on to see how to decide if she's ready for kindergarten.
Here are some simple but fruitful (and fun!) activities that will get your soon-to-be writer ready to write while thinking outside of the workbook.
Learn the basics of early literacy to use on your young child, long before she's actually reading.
Transitioning to preschool is a big deal. Here's how to ease your child’s fears about starting preschool.
Browse preschool school and academics educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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