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Students face many adjustments in school. From year to year, there are changes in teachers, classrooms, school and class rules and procedures etc. Their
English Language Arts becomes especially important in middle school. Here's what happens in reading, writing, and vocabulary in English class.
How to communicate with your middle school aged child. What tweens think about and how it's best to speak to them.
Here is a parenting guide to understanding adolescent neurological development.
This essay writing competition could win your family a trip to the Everglades!
An expert guide to the mental development of ten to eleven-year old fifth graders.
How can parents know when anxiety about the social challenges of the new school year is more serious than normal back to school jitters?
Expert advice from a school psychologist on understanding your high schooler.
Telling your child he was adopted can seem like a terrifying task, but it doesn't have to be.
Here's how you can help your kids stay excited about democracy in action during this landmark inaugural week.
Middle schoolers are officially in the realm of the 'young adult.'  Though your child does think mostly like an adult, there will be exceptions. What are they?
Here are some important movement milestones for your fifth grade child:
Got a reluctant reader on your hands? Here's how to encourage your reluctant reader to hit the books.
Checklist to help parents assess quality of physical activity programs that can contribute positively to the development of sportsmanship and ethics.
It's time for middle school, whether you and your child are ready or not!  Here's how to make a smooth transition.
Here is a parenting guide to teaching your fifth grader the basic fundamentals of etiquette.
Talking to kids about sex can be difficult, but it can also be a healthy, loving way to help children explore tough terrain.
When it comes to finding the perfect board games for the elementary school crowd, parents can find themselves in quite a pickle.  Here's our top choices!
Browse educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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