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Do schools suppress your child's creativity? Read one point of view that supports the claim and three common teacher mistakes that may affect your child.
Outlines the major physical changes that occur in adolescence (puberty, mood changes, sleep requirements, etc.) and some of the ways they affect behavior.
When Alex Kajitani started teaching math , he could barely get his students to sit still, let alone listen to him. So he started rapping.
Summarizes the emotional development of adolescents, including variations in self-concept and how emotions are related to physical and intellectual development.
Students served by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act are distributed among 13 disability categories. A description of these categories is given.
This article provides some insights to understand the basic needs and differences of highly gifted children and provides a few practical suggestions.
Enacting sensitive laws and polices that address bullying in U.S. schools can encourage and support effective bullying prevention and intervention programs in
This overview of identity development across adolescence encourages parents and counselors to allow for exploration and gives advice on discipline and guidance.
Cell phones are an integral part of kids’ lives. This article offers information and tips for parents on how to handle their childrens' cell phone use.
Try this classic homemade playdough recipe. It's a project that presents all kinds of opportunities for conversation with your child.
How can a school staff structure bullying interventions so learning and change are most likely? Tips for bullying recognition and suggested actions.
Strategies for helping children with LD build confidence and self-esteem.
Read about a number of effective strategies researchers have identified to help students learn and remember new information.
OCD is an illness in which obsessions and/or compulsions are present. Read more on treatments, medications and research.
Describes the currently most widely-used intelligence tests, the Wechsler Scales, how to interpret IQ scores and the stability of IQ.
Too often, kids and parents tangle over who’s responsible for what chore around the house. But experts say to look beyond the individual chore at hand. That’s
A discussion of assessments that may be used in special education.
Browse educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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