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It is always better to prevent a disease than to treat it. Vaccines help prevent infectious diseases and save lives!
Students served by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act are distributed among 13 disability categories. A description of these categories is given.
Summarizes the emotional development of adolescents, including variations in self-concept and how emotions are related to physical and intellectual development.
Great book recommendations for your fourth grader to read during the summer.
Intellectual disability characteristics have a wide range of degree and effects. This article discusses intellectual disability characteristics in depth.
Read about current childhood obesity research and statistics and learn about some of the things parents can do to help children win the war on obesity.
Can we call the frequent conflicts and disputes between siblings bullying? Comparing siblings and school bullying we find common but also specific traits.
If you choose to involve kids in family finances to help them understand cash, checks and credit cards, here are some ideas that may prove helpful.
Describes the currently most widely-used intelligence tests, the Wechsler Scales, how to interpret IQ scores and the stability of IQ.
This article discusses the consequences of peer rejection. Peer rejection is a powerful force in adolescent life, especially when the person being rejected is
Cell phones are an integral part of kids’ lives. This article offers information and tips for parents on how to handle their childrens' cell phone use.
Parents should not rely solely on teachers and school counselors to help prevent bullying because the effects of bullying go beyond school
Would you allow your boy to play with guns? Should boys (or girls) be allowed to play with guns and swords at preschool? The questions are raised in a new
Defines punishment as a consequence that decreases the frequency of the response it follows.  Summarizes two categories of punishment, presentation and removal.
Read about a number of effective strategies researchers have identified to help students learn and remember new information.
OCD is an illness in which obsessions and/or compulsions are present. Read more on treatments, medications and research.
Kids need guidance, approval and support at all ages. Ten tips for parents to help their children avoid teen pregnancy.
Browse educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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