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When your child's special education journey begins, make sure the programs needed for their specific learning disability are in place.
Battle of the Books is an annual competition that gets kids excited about reading comprehension. Avid readers will love this new organization!
Once a child reaches middle school they no longer need help with reading, right? Wrong, according to the new and improved Striving Readers Act recently introduced in the United States House and Senate
Here's what you should know and how to help your child prepare for the common core standards in America's schools.
Why is it that some books become timeless favorites, destined to be read and re-read, while others get set aside after the first cursory glance?
ItÃs exciting when your child starts to read. But as any parent of an emerging reader can tell you, it can also be discouraging.
If a student can't read, virtually every other subject becomes impossible.  Here is a parent's guide to national standards for English Language Arts.
Special needs advocates weigh in on the growing trend of including kids with disabilities in the regular classroom.
How much do you know about the origin of graduation traditions? Read up to find out.
Motivating reluctant readers can be a challenge during the summer, but we've got six great ideas to stimulate reading even when school is a distant memory.
Listening to some of these stories will give beginning readers an added boost of inspiration.
Whether your child's a history buff or an archeologist-in-training, ghost towns may be just the off-the-beaten-path field trip your family's been looking for.
Thanks to growing competition from around the world, students must work harder than ever. Here are the skills that kids will need to compete.
Think twice before you reach for that soda. The latest research says high-fructose corn syrup could be a contributing factor in America's obesity epidemic.
February marks Black History Month; read up on some lesser-known figures in African-American history and celebrate their legacy.
Below is a cheat sheet to help your teen learn the ins and outs, including how to identify bias, how to read the media and ways to view political satire.
America is facing an obesity epidemic. So why are school cafeterias dishing out delivery pizza and brand-name burgers?
Here are five great books to help you and your child celebrate Black History Month.
Browse educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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