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How do you define a gifted child and what should you do if your child fits this criteria?
Here are some parenting tips for handling those knucklebiting months.
Here are five exciting, beautifully illustrated books of nonfiction for early readers ages four and older:
As a parent, you want to keep high standards for you child. But what do high standards look like?
Critics of NCLB believe that the law's emphasis on skills, standards and test scores may have a serious downside, especially for gifted children.
Get into the patriotic spirit with these Fourth of July activities for kids. This roundup of printouts, crafts, activities and science projects will get your family in the holiday spirit, and teach your child good citizenship along with key skills in math, science, reading, and history. From star-spangled wreaths to Independence Day addition to soda pop “fireworks”, you'll love the opportunity to sneak in some America-themed learning this summer.
Find out the results to the latest PISA, which tests student competence in reading, science, and math around the world. See how the U.S. ranks internationally.
This splendid article describes how to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month in the classroom, with all kinds of Latin America-themed activities.
Summarizes 3 ways of considering disabilities and how they typically guide people's thinking. Read about the deficit, cultural and sociological perspective.
If you can't grab a minute to read the paper, here's some news: a foreign au pair can be the perfect parenting and educational resource for you!
Raising teens poses enough challenges in itself - parenting a teen in a new culture adds another level of complexity. Here are some tips - read more.
Most parents either don't know about preschool accreditation, or don't think it really matters.  Here's why we need to pay attention.
There are Shakespeare festivals in almost every state of the union, but here are some of our favorites:
President-elect Barack Obama has appointed superintendent of Chicago schools Arne Duncan as the next Secretary of Education.
Lively St. Louis boasts more free visitor attractions than anywhere in the U.S. outside of the nation's capital. Here's the skinny on the city.
An inside look at how non-profit organizations are helping kids in failing schools.
Volunteering can make a positive impact in the world, and in your child. Here's how to help inspire kids to make a difference.
Browse educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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