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Conflict resolution is an important life skill that children need to get a handle on. How can parents encourage conflict resolution skills in their child?
Read about different types of conflict that are common to children and appropriate handling strategies.
Motivating gifted children to step outside their comfort zone is hard because they're used to excelling. Get tips on motivating gifted children.
Describes processes adults use to directly and indirectly influence children including modeling, direct instruction, coaching and giving feedback.
Examines the progression of emotional development in children ages 3-5, including the expression of extreme emotions.
The article discusses the importance of beliefs and value structures in families. Children's beliefs, attitudes, and values can closely relate to those of
The article discusses the importance of teaching problem-solving skills to young children.
Summarizes problem solving strategies, with the use of algorithms and heuristics, and ways these strategies can be taught in the classroom.
Children, like adults, have disagreements with others from time to time. Here are some guides for teaching conflict resolution.
Learn about the five characteristics of children who are ready to be at home on their own.
How does a child fail preschool? Find out why some children fail preschool, and more important, how to avoid it!
Highlights aspects of preschool social development like parallel play, negotiating social skills, friendships, and understanding how behavior impacts others.
Do you have a favorite child? It happens to lots of families, so you shouldn't feel bad, but you should do something about it. Read on for the myths and facts about favoritism.
As a parent, it's your natural instinct to protect your child. It's part of the animal makeup we're all born with; like a mama bear, you'll do anything to keep your cub safe. Sounds great, but your kid is trying to survive a different type of wild—one filled with science projects, playground wars, and hopefully college down the road. A little breathing room can go a long way in raising a strong, independent child, but many well-intentioned parenting mistakes get in the way. Here are seven things you shouldn't do for your kid:
Recent research has found that parental divorce has a negative effect on children. These guidelines emphasize the importance of how parents should handle the
Highlights the importance of healthy parent-child dialogue. Suggested communication strategies include problem ownership, active listening and using I-messages.
An overview of environmental risk factors involving a child's challenging behavior.
During play, children increase their social competence and emotional maturity. This article outlines other chief reasons why play is so vital for kids.
Browse educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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