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At school, the lack of social development in autistic children makes them a target for bullies. Find out more about bullying and autism, and how you can end it.
Media reportage of school violence can cause stress and trauma, especially in younger children. So how can parents help their children cope with the news?
This article looks at what is bullying and what school and educators can do to stop the bullying problems.  Offers some interventions to the bullying problem.
Check out free cyberbullying and technology safety lesson plans and keep your kid out of high-tech trouble. A list compiled by an expert on child safety.
The impact of online communication on bullying among teenagers.
Possible risk factors for the development of anxiety are experiences of being bullied. Experts explore research on bullying and anxiety.
Bullying experts studied elementary school students to determine which bullying behaviors students felt the least and most confident to part take in.
Weight bullying or teasing happens to a lot of people in many different places âin school, at home, and even between friends.  This article give excellent tips
Researchers study the prevalence rate and behaviors of cyberbullying and its relationship to academic performance among high school students. Here are the
This lesson plan will help engage students to begin a dialogue about bullying. Guide students to commit to make their school a bully-free school.
Kids as young as preschool and kindergarten are already picking up bad bullying behavior. Get the tips on how to nip nastiness in the bud.
Coming to a new country can lead to identity problems and social exclusion among immigrant communities. Combat bullying among immigrants with these tips.
A recent bullying study shows that the social environment of the classroom plays a big role in determining if elementary students report bullying.
From the terrible twos on, learning how to manage your child's aggression can be tricky. With these tips, you can help eliminate preschool bullying.
Due to isolation from peers, gifted children and bullying often go hand in hand. Here's how to prevent your exceptional kid from being (or becoming) a bully.
The link between bullying and suicide has received media attention after the tragic deaths of teens who were victimized by their peers. What can you do to help?
The bullying of disabled children isn't always malicious; instead, it shows a lack of understanding. Help end bullying in the classroom with these tips.
Witnessing an act of aggression between peers can put any child into a confusing situation. Teach a bullying bystander what to do with this expert advice.
Browse bullying and teasing educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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