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Victimization and bullying among children in a school setting is a problem.  Learn how to identify and help bullying victims.
Bullying has serious consequences for the victim and witnesses of the bullying, as well as the bully themselves.
Explained here are six types of bullying, why do kids bully, who bullies and what are the consequences of bullying.
Defines the similarities between bullying and peer victimization. Discusses in depth the depression and social anxiety problems due to cyber bullying.
Bullying researchers discuss their work using the middle school bullying prevention program--Promoting Positive Peer Relationship or P3R.
Cyberbullying must be stopped since its consequences are significant.
Bullying experts explain the links between bullying and depression. Experts also discuss the implication of the literature on depression treatment.
Expert shares his study's findings on bullying and thinking. Children's interpretation of aggression and thinking in regards to aggression is explored.
Students perceptions of a schools social climate change if they are bullied or being a bully. Research in how different bullying roles change perception.
Bullying is a problem that can't be solved by saying 'boys will be boys' we need new strategies to combat the age old problem of bullying.
What you can expect staff at your child's school to do about your child being bullied.
Bully-victims often experience behavioral and emotional difficulties after being bullied themselves or have bullied others.
An expert shares his study's findings on the bullying experiences among Korean-American adolescents in high school.
At least by age four, preschoolers gradually form their perceptions about their friends and peers.
Did you know bullies have unhealthy romantic relationships? Experts on bullying discuss the links between bullying, sexual harassment and dating violence.
Need tools to prevent school bullying or to resolve conflicts in your school? Teach students assertive communication skills and watch their confidence grow.
Peer exclusion and victimization of LBGQ youth result in lower levels of belonging and are a form of bullying.
An indepth look into the relationship between the aggessor and the bullying victim.
Browse bullying and teasing educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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