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Bullying includes not only stereotype behavior such as shoving and pushing but also more subtle forms of aggression such as exclusion or rumor spreading.
Bullying can be defined by highlighting the reasons a child might be chosen by a perpetrator and such reasons might include gender and ethnicity.
Article discusses the results of a study suggesting that bullying behavior can be predicted from temperament and personality during early childhood.
The attention that bullying has been getting recently has urged educators, parents, and community leaders to take action and evaluate bully prevention
Children in a school environment can be bullying victims, some victimize others.
Rules can prevent cyberbullying from escalating and prevent victims from becoming cyberbullies themselves.
Studies show that there are adverse effects of bullying. We have recommendations for helping a child that is being bullied and tips for parents and schools to
Bullying is a relationship problem that requires relationship solutions. There's a role for parents to intervene in bullying, but when and how
Practical advice for parents, educators and caregivers on watching for warning signs of bullying behaviors and taking prompt action to stop bullies from
Information for parents of children on the negative effects of bullying on a child's mental health. Suggestions for teaching children how to deal with bullies
Youth who participate in bullying are socially vulnerable and use bullying as an expression of power whether they enjoy high status or are socially
Bullying has such a devastating effect on children that to battle against bullying, it must take on a whole-school approach.  This article offer in depth tips
This article discusses in depth the reasons why kids don't report bullying.  It also give parents and educators advice on how and when to intervene when they
Research findings presented that lead to 4 strategies parents and teachers can pass on to kids who witness bullying.
Bullying is among the most common form of aggression and victimization. Learn how to help schools manage bullying effectively.
An in-depth discussion of the characteristics of children who tend to become the targets of bullying.
Can we call the frequent conflicts and disputes between siblings bullying? Comparing siblings and school bullying we find common but also specific traits.
The article discusses parental interaction patterns and their influence on bullying and victimization in children.
Browse bullying and teasing educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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