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How can a school staff structure bullying interventions so learning and change are most likely? Tips for bullying recognition and suggested actions.
Is a cyberbully cramping your kid's style? Find out how to stop cyberbullies from ruling the virtual playground.
The Tribes process helps teachers with effective tools and resources to properly implement an anti-bullying program at their school.
Learn what influences might be playing a role in a bully's behavior.
Get the facts about bullying.
Learn about the different forms that bullying can take and how to handle each scenario.
Bullying is a common but complicated problem that affects all of our children, if not directly as bullies and/or victims, indirectly as witnesses to bullying.
Parents should not rely solely on teachers and school counselors to help prevent bullying because the effects of bullying go beyond school
As guest editors of Education.com's special edition on bullying Shelly Hymel and Susan Swearer help spread the word about bullying.
There are a number of individual and social factors that perpetuate the existence of bullying. Learn more.
Not all bullying is a physical behavior like punching or kicking. There are many indirect ways children are bullied.
Don't let bullies rule the playground! Here's how to help make your kid's school a safe zone.
Learn about the victims and perpetrators of cyber bullying, the most common methods of cyber bullying, and what adults can do to prevent and address cyber
Protect your child from online dangers and predators. These 10 tips will keep the internet friendly and fun.
Empower a bully victim with these strategies.
Cyberbullying can be just as violent and hurtful as any other type of abuse. If you suspect that your child's being cyberbullied, here are seven steps to end it for good!
Article talks about the research literature on bullying among children with disabilities and special needs. How does bullying affect children?
Some tips for parents to handle friendship problems of gifted children and also handle teasing, relational aggression and chronic rejection in school.
Browse bullying and teasing educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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