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The sad truth is that every school, whether public, private or parochial, has mean girls.  If you have a daughter, take the time to read this helpful article.
More special needs students are being included in the 'regular' classroom. Here's how parents can help to their kids to appreciate their special needs peers.
Given a more stimulating play space, would bullies spend recess exercising their imaginations and their bodies instead of their fists?
Weight bullying or teasing happens to a lot of people in many different places âin school, at home, and even between friends.  This article give excellent tips
Media reportage of school violence can cause stress and trauma, especially in younger children. So how can parents help their children cope with the news?
What distinguishes cyberbullying from other forms of bullying? This articles discusses cyberbullying, the extent of the problem and what can be done about it.
Bullying has a negative impact on health and bullying has a negative impact on academics through the increased stress levels
LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered) students are especially at risk for bullying. Learn about the effects of homophobic bullying and what schools
Discusses the various types of bullying and cyberbullying that happen among children including physical, verbal, and psychological bullying.
Some youth involved in bullying might have experienced victimization in other settings, such as their homes and communities. Understanding the overlap between
Bullying is a problem that can't be solved by saying 'boys will be boys' we need new strategies to combat the age old problem of bullying.
At least by age four, preschoolers gradually form their perceptions about their friends and peers.
Learn what influences might be playing a role in a bully's behavior.
Students perceptions of a schools social climate change if they are bullied or being a bully. Research in how different bullying roles change perception.
Peer exclusion and victimization of LBGQ youth result in lower levels of belonging and are a form of bullying.
Bullying and victimization are problematic behaviors that need intervention.
An indepth look into the relationship between the aggessor and the bullying victim.
The article discusses adjustment problems associated with bullying.
Browse bullying topics educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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