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From September through June, teachers welcome parent helpers for more than an extra pair of hands.
Science careers are in high demand. Here are a few easy ways you can bring the science curriculum into your child's everyday life in a meaningful way.
Unit planning for teachers begins with identifying the particular content to be taught and your goals for learning outcomes.
Your child's in science class, and a debate sparks over the legitimacy of global warming. Will your child jump in, or avoid the discussion? Prep her to tackle controversial science topics with these tips.
Tips for parents on organizations and internet resources that you can use to help create an “active” learning environment for science, technology, engineering,
Preschoolers are actively engaged in scientific learning. Try a few of these fun and simple ways to engage your child in science learning.
Learn what your child should be able to do at the beginning and end of second grade science.
Standards for science and math are closely related: They both rely on problem-solving tools such as observation, comparison, measurement, and communication.
With over 200 citizen science projects, ordinary adults and their children can collect data that supports scientific studies and local policymaking.
Lesson plans are used to help conceptualize how to teach something. Learn about the different formats of traditional lesson plans vs. learning cycle plans.
This article explores how community partnerships help link children with the outside world and teach kids about water and the environment.
Get your child interested in science with these everyday ideas for fostering your natural scientist.
Here's how you can help inspire in your daughter a positive attitude about science.
Merit pay, at least under the Obama administration, is not a passing fad, but is considered an essential component of school reform.
Gifted children often require additional resources, and gifted education doesn't always do the trick. In some cases, gifted education can come with a price tag that scares many parents away. But the good news is that you can provide for a gifted child on a budget. One of the biggest myths about gifted children is that they need an expensive set of resources to be stimulated and challenged. This slideshow is full of great tips for fun, educational things your child can do on the cheap.
Careers in science and tech are climbing and mean promising futures for today's students. Find out how to get your kid excited about these fascinating fields.
Here's how to teach your child to be a self-advocate in the classroom.
Browse educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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