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The article discusses in depth about special education programs.  It emphasizes on how special education programs are overpresented and underpresented.
A discussion of assessments that may be used in special education.
A summary of the process of identifying school-age children with special needs and an an introduction to early intervention services.
A brief introduction to autism as well as suggestions for accommodations and modifications that should be used with these students in the classroom.
Briefly discusses several recommended assessment standards to be used in early childhood settings including treatment utility and social validity.
An overview of hearing impairments and teaching strategies, modifications, and accommodations that can be of help to students in the classroom.
Characteristics you might observe and suggested classroom strategies for students with special educational needs.
An introduction to emotional disturbance and some strategies to use in the classroom with these students.
An introduction to mental retardation and some strategies for instructional modification in the classroom.
Read about a variety of scores that can be used when interpreting students' test performance including the raw, percentage and derived scores.
Summarizes the use of a norm-referenced test which provides information on the relative standing of students.
An overview of speech and language impairments and effective education strategies to work with students who have them.
Read about several factors can affect the reliability of a test including test length, speed and objectivity.
Highlights the importance of reliability as one of the most important factors when selecting tests as well as sources of error in the assessment process.
A summary of a study regarding parents' opinions of inclusion for their children with disabilities.
Summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of home-based, center-based, and home-center service models to educate young children with special needs.
Provides a list of common attributes between an Individualized Family Service Plan and an Individualized Education Plan for young children with special needs.
Provides an example of an IEP for a second grade child with a specific learning disability.  Includes assessment information, goals and modifications.
Browse special education educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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