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An expert parenting guide to understanding your kindergartener's speech development.
In a society where the ability to communicate is a necessity, it's best to nip speech delays in the bud. Here's how.
What do you do when your child's words tumble out in a fumbling mishmash?  Here are some tips and resources to help parents help their stuttering children.
Learn the reasons why not all children with speech issues are eligible for speech and language therapy, and get advice for what to do about it.
The foundation for successful language development starts with appropriate language experiences at home. Here are some ways to encourage speech in your toddler.
What are the differences between social talk and school talk, and how can parents help build their child's language skills for success in school?
When it comes to speech and motor development, why not take some tips from the insiders who know best?
Describes how teachers and caregivers can provide support to help children move from their current level of knowledge toward a more advanced level.
An overview of the stages of developmental spelling and levels of ELD.
Examines how an infant's and young child's social interaction with adults is a major factor in language acquisition.
Compares and contrasts how mothers and caregivers facilitate language development in young children and how this is affected by cultural and socioeconomic
Outlines the acquisition of sentence forms, including declarative and conjoining, within Brown's stages of development for children age 12 months to 4 years.
An overview on how Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky examined children's acquisition of language.
Provides a table outlining the locational prepositions understood by children aged 24 months to five years.
Overviews how play in many forms can be an ideal vehicle for language acquisition in young children including pretend play, role playing and solitary play.
Provides a list of six stages for children's early vocal development including the reflexive, cooing, babbling, and single word production stage.
Provides an outline of common two word utterances made by toddlers in their language development.
Provides a description of six assessments commonly used in the preschool years to evaluate young children's language development.
Browse speech and language development educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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