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In middle school, study skills are key. But how are kids supposed to know where to start?
After a summer of fun, your child may not be ready to undertake a new weekly schedule of homework. Here's how to make the transition into a new school year.
There are new studies to suggest that the type of art your child prefers can tell you a lot about her personality.
Teens today are entrenched in the online world, but do they really know how to create, and control, their own virtual persona?
Learn about Halloween around the world. Explore Halloween traditions and beliefs, and see how other cultures celebrate Halloween worldwide.
Is it appropriate for your child to âfriendâ a teacher on a social network?
The Web is an sea of information, but this doesn't mean the content is always accurate. Here's how to help your child recognize bad information on the Internet.
Here are a few things to consider when deciding if a women's college is right for your daughter.
Ages-old philosophical concepts are embedded in books, films, music, TV shows, comics, and video games, and can add meaning for young thinkers.
Use music to help your child retain information and enhance learning. Here are expert tips for incorporating music into your child's learning experience.
In the 21st century world, parents can do more than ever to promote global citizenship and open their child's eyes to people and places unlike her own culture.
Watching a film adapted from a book is odd: we hope to see the world we imagined in our heads.  Sometimes we're disappointed; sometimes pleasantly surprised.
Kids can benefit from meditation, just like adults. Here are some fun exercises to get your kids started.
Here's how to make sure your next parent-teacher conference is cooperative, not combative.
Based on recent findings, the math curricula in public schools may, surprisingly, be better equipped to teach math to students.
Browse educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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