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A few small adjustments to your child's study habits might just have him moving from slacker toward scholar in no time.
What is social studies and what are the definitions of social studies? Read this article for a true definition of social studies.
Your teen is poised for collegiate success with strong academic and extracurricular records ... right? Learn the basic life skills every teen should know.
Discusses the characteristics of social studies curriculum today and how it has been shaped.
An overview of strategies for teaching social studies to students with disabilities.
Highlights the goals and objectives that should be considered when planning and implementing the social studies curriculum.
Discusses in depth the 5 skills that students need to acquire to do better in science: acquisitive, organizational, creative, manipulative, and communicative.
Looking for help with ACT math? Check out these study suggestions, practice question resources and test taking strategies.
Stresses the importance of studying child development to guide our decisions about their environment, their activities, and how we interact with them.
Just how exactly do boys and girls differ when it comes to cognitive learning? Here are seven major differences, with tips on how to even the playing field.
Research increasingly suggests that how we read with kids is as important as what we read. Here's expert tips for how parents can ramp up their reading skills.
Lists eleven things that parents can do to help their teenagers get organized.
To take advantage of the mental processes that individuals use to obtain, make sense of, and retain information teachers need to utilize multisensory learning
In middle school, study skills are key. But how are kids supposed to know where to start?
Parents can support and encourage their children's successful learning by helping them create a positive study environment. Here are some tips to help your
Discusses when children develop self-regulation skills (the ability to control behavior, emotions and thoughts) and the importance of acquiring these skills.
Listen up: teens are using social networking sites for more than just gossip, according to a new study by the National School Boards Association.
Struggling in science class? Many students do, even those with good study skills who thrive in other subjects. Follow these 10 tips for science class success.
Browse educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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