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Children love expressing themselves through the arts, and summer break provides a great opportunity for parents to add the arts into their daily routine.
As much as kids would like a break from school and homework over the summer, it's important that they continue to exercise their brains.
Five strategies to create a fun, enriching summertime educational experience that will give your child the math skills to get ahead before fall.
Reading isn't the only way to develop your child's comprehension skills. Here's how to use summer blockbusters as a platform for learning.
Farmers markets are great places to sneak in educational lessons about all sorts of things. Here's a sampling of what your child can learn at farmers markets.
Consider mixing up the summer beach fun with a few activities that go beyond Frisbee and building sandcastles. Here are ideas to help you get started!
If your child is going to kindergarten for the first time, what do you need to be doing between now and then to get her ready for that big day?
Reading just four or five books during the summer may prevent a student's decline in reading achievement from spring to fall. Here's how to get started.
The weeks before kindergarten can be a high-stress time.  Here are some practical ideas on how to reduce the anxiety, from a noted expert on school-age kids.
From weeding to watering to painting the deck, it's a good idea to involve your children in household chores.
Tips for arranging a solid and stress-free schedule for your child this summer.
You've probably thought about all the things you'd like the new teacher to know about your child. But how honest should you be about strengths and weaknesses?
Here are some ways to turn a hike into an educational adventure.
Here are four ways you can help your child navigate middle school.
Fall is fast approaching, and your teen is about to enter high school.  What now?
Experts agree: Children who read during the summer gain reading skills, while those who do not often experience learning losses.
Want to begin teaching your child to read, but don't know where to start? Begin at the beginning, with something teachers call 'concepts about print'.
Want to sneak some learning into Independence Day? Try these fun - and educational - 4th of July activities.
Browse summer educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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