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Here are 5 games to stop boredom in its tracks and keep the whining to a minimum on that family road trip.
There's an ocean of reasons why kids should learn how to swim while they're young.  A guide to getting your little one pool-ready.
Try these practical tips from a veteran teacher, to make kindergarten graduation as smooth as possible and keep meltdowns to a minimum.
We've looked high and low for exciting new titles for young adults. Here are our list of favorites to exhilarate, fascinate, and yes...educate.
Kindergarten has been great...but now that June's here, First Grade is just around the corner.  Are you ready?  Read this for facts and tips.
Parents of young child know to expect the unexpected when it comes to structuring a preschooler's day. But do preschoolers really need all that structure?
Celebrate the joys of ice cream with fun facts and a homemade vanilla ice cream recipe.
Having trouble cutting loose when summer vacation rolls around?  Here are parenting tips on how to become an expert 'funologist.'
If your well of snack ideas is running dry, don't sweat it. Here are three easy snack recipes to add to your repertoire.
Here are five educational summertime activities to help prevent the 'summer slide' and have your kid returning to school ready to learn!
Here's how to keep your young reader engaged and interested in summer reading over the summer without losing any of the learning.
Here are 7 ideas for how to keep your kids learning over the summer - without the fuss.
Here are 5 ways to incorporate math learning into summer fun with your kids.
Here's what you should keep in mind to make choosing the right summer camp for your child a snap.
Here are some tips and healthy snack suggestions to keep kids healthy over the summer.
Here are the answers to a few questions your child might be asking you about the sun this summer, plus a few activities.
June is National Dairy Month! How much dairy do you need to do your body good?
Browse summer educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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