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Children have a difficult time with delayed gratification, but this is an important skill that will help them develop emotional strength of character.
Honesty is a virtue that will serve children well throughout childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Teaching honesty helps develop character and self-esteem.
Patience is not one of a preschooler's strongest skills. Here are 5 things you can do to help your child become more patient.
Don't just teach your child; inspire him! Read these eight tips for instilling lifelong learning in your kid.
This app round-up features apps that teach life skills like empathy, understanding and responsiveness to others.
What do kids really gain from working and playing in the garden? Here are the skills that kindergarteners learn from all that digging.
It's time to put down the Swiffer and lay down the law.  Chores teach responsibility and build a stronger family unit.  Here's how to get your child started.
School backpacks can be a parenting conundrum. Here's how to teach kids to tame the beast on their back.
As a parent, it's no secret that your kid's brutal honesty can leave you running out the door, red-faced and mortified. Get our tips for dealing with these embarrassing mom moments.
In middle school, study skills are key. But how are kids supposed to know where to start?
With a holiday break coming up, you may be looking forward to quality family time, but your kid likely has other plans: waking up late, hanging out with friends, and opening those precious presents. Activities like these put kids' character on full display. It's a perfect time for a check-up! No, not a doctor's check-up—a character check-up. Make the holidays about more than toys and tinsel by focusing some energy on building up these valuable traits.
When your kid is afraid of animals, even walking to the bus stop can be a struggle. Check out these steps you can take to help your child's fear of animals.
'Go to your room' are four of the most common words a stressed parent says to their kid during a naughty episode. Isolation may be instinct, but does time out discipline really work? Find out now.
Parenting a child with an autism spectrum disorder can be challenging and isolating. Help families dealing with ASD and teach tolerance with these six tips.
Independence starts at home -- in your own kitchen and your own backyard.  Here's how to set up your house to encourage it.
Do you know what teachers want from parents? Hint: It's not apples. Learn the keys to active participation and making the teacher's job a bit easier.
More and more classrooms are including children with disabilities in general education classrooms. Find out what you need to know about inclusion.
Here is a list of activities parents can do with kids to help them become responsible citizens.
Browse educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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