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Day in and day out, math teachers hear the same question: 'Why do I need to learn this?' Here are 3 good reasons why math matters.
Tackling the sexuality talk may seem daunting, but here are some helpful tips for how to talk to your kids (at any age) about sexuality.
Here are some guidelines for giving your child the tools and strategies to develop a genius mindset, and achieve more in the classroom and beyond.
The iPad is not only the latest craze in technology for music, movies and more—it's also a wonderful teaching tool and the wave of the future in terms of how kids learn. There's a wealth of fun apps for elementary school students produced for the iPad, but how can you get your children to stop playing Talking Carl and Plants vs. Zombies and start playing some of those educational games that offer a bit more substance? It may be a simple matter of steering your kids in the right direction. After all, it’s parents who buy the apps for their children. Take the reins and seize the opportunity to get your child to interact with some these great learning tools, like reading apps for kids and elementary math apps.
See our picks for apps to help your child sharpen critical basic math skills.
Have a jar full of coins just waiting to be dumped into Coinstar? Why not use those coins to teach your child about math and money?
How does President-elect Barack Obama plan to improve math, science and tech education? Find out here.
Get into the patriotic spirit with these Fourth of July activities for kids. This roundup of printouts, crafts, activities and science projects will get your family in the holiday spirit, and teach your child good citizenship along with key skills in math, science, reading, and history. From star-spangled wreaths to Independence Day addition to soda pop “fireworks”, you'll love the opportunity to sneak in some America-themed learning this summer.
Learn about a new way of teaching kids key concepts: project-based learning.
Learn what you can do to help your child develop a healthy view of herself.
The way kids practice and the way they're criticized both play a part in the likelihood of achieving greatness. Here's what you need to know.
Thanks to growing competition from around the world, students must work harder than ever. Here are the skills that kids will need to compete.
In October, kindergarteners are starting to get down to the business of letters,  numbers, and group citizenship that is Big Kid School.  See what to expect.
Ed Carroll, Executive Director of High School Programs for the Princeton Review, gives these tips on how to ace the SAT.
High stakes test results from a teacher's class can make or break a career, not to mention a school's budget. This pressure has led some schools to cheat the system. Avoid dishonesty by helping your child through testing with these tips.
Here are four ways that parents can help raise their child's self esteem.
The summer can be an ideal time to help a child with Dyslexia make significant academic gains. This article includes information on fun and educational summer
Browse educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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