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Ethics and morals are often associated with religion, but schools can also provide important lessons in ethical thinking and action. Here's how.
There will come a time when your child will lie or cheat. He's only human.  Parents must set up a system of values, and then enforce those values every day.
Spoiled divas and overbearing stage moms are just a few of the stereotypes often associated with child modeling, but the reality can be much more beneficial. Find out how your child can reap educational rewards from a career in front of the camera.
Honesty is a virtue that will serve children well throughout childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Teaching honesty helps develop character and self-esteem.
Find out what stage of moral development your child is in.
Social Emotional Learning is a new trend in whole child education that's gaining traction. Here's what you need to know about Social Emotional Learning.
You may be wary of your child being plugged-in, but there can be an upside to his wired ways. Get these tips to use educational media to your kid's advantage.
Checklist to help parents assess quality of physical activity programs that can contribute positively to the development of sportsmanship and ethics.
High stakes test results from a teacher's class can make or break a career, not to mention a school's budget. This pressure has led some schools to cheat the system. Avoid dishonesty by helping your child through testing with these tips.
Too often, kids and parents tangle over who’s responsible for what chore around the house. But experts say to look beyond the individual chore at hand. That’s
Learn what behavioral milestones to look for as your kid gets ready to move up to the next grade level.
Here are a few key ingredients that can make homework time tolerable, successful and even enjoyable for your child.
The life of a teenager is full of tough issues and life-changing decisions. As a parent, you are responsible to help them learn to be successful.
Discusses the five basic categories of methodology of character education: teaching values through rules, models, moral stories, and problem solving.
Fall is fast approaching, and your teen is about to enter high school.  What now?
Here are some suggestions for using your child's cell phone as a learning device.
Check out free cyberbullying and technology safety lesson plans and keep your kid out of high-tech trouble. A list compiled by an expert on child safety.
Browse educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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