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What celebrity cat looks almost exactly like Roly? Check out the Brainzy characters and their celebrity look alikes in this article! went to DEMO, one of the most influential tech conferences on the planet. And we came home with a 'DEMO God' award!
This essay writing competition could win your family a trip to the Everglades!
Back-to-school prep used to mean mastering a few basics like settling on a school night routine and buying a backpack full of supplies. Today, technology requires different preparation. Get our tips to prep for September ... now!
The digital divide depends on more than just access to technology itself: it also depends on how technology is integrated into the classroom and curriculum.
Launching a blog is easy and could turn into an ongoing, team-building activity for your family.  Here's how to get started.
From fairy tales to Harry Potter, you've tried everything to foster a love of books in your reluctant reader, but he still prefers his Wii to curling up with a classic. Throw your old motivational methods out in favor of these reading apps for kids.
After mastering interactive books and the latest learn-to-read apps, your child's ready to tackle writing apps. For kids getting ready to enter school, these apps can give them a serious leg up on learning.
Computer technology provides abundant opportunities for students to build or modify their own knowledge through the rich experiences that technology affords.
No more flipping through stacks of flashcards: acing multiplication can be fun! Check out our picks for the best multiplication apps on the market.
See our picks for apps to help your child sharpen critical basic math skills.
Examines how the use of technology can enhance children√Ęs cognitive and social development. Includes a list of grade-suitable technology standards.
You may be wary of your child being plugged-in, but there can be an upside to his wired ways. Get these tips to use educational media to your kid's advantage.
Worried that your child's vocabulary is suffering from too much text talk? Help her ditch the 'lol speak' with these exercises, aimed at building out vocabulary and making words work for you.
A report from the Office of Educational Technology makes seven recommendations for continuing to improve the use of educational technology in schools.
Learn how increasing broadband access can improve education in America.
President-elect Barack Obama has appointed superintendent of Chicago schools Arne Duncan as the next Secretary of Education.
A top ten list of websites for enhancing the teaching of physical education and health.
Browse technology and learning educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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