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Find out what a school psychologist does, and how this important role differs from guidance counseling or social work.
When children do something hurtful we tend to make them apologize. But it isn't saying 'I'm sorry' that children need to learn so much as it is feeling sorry.
What should you say when your child asks you why the woman on the corner is pushing a grocery cart?  Here are some tips on discussing homelessness with kids.
A child with a disability is more likely to be bullied than his typically developing peers. Here are parenting tips from a special needs teacher of 20 years.
You can’t please all the people all the time, as the saying goes. But that’s just what today’s girls feel they’re being asked to do.
What are co-parenting classes all about, and should divorced parents be mandated to attend them?
A parent's emotional avoidance, avoiding thoughts of a traumatic event, can affect her child. Learn about emotional avoidance and become emotionally supportive!
Author Betsy Brown Braun provides some guidelines on how to successfully curb potty talk.
Wondering what you can do to keep your child safe from school violence? Here's where to start.
Fibbing, bending the truth, telling tall tales: in other words, lying.  What to do when your child stops telling the truth.
Shoplifting is sometimes viewed as an adolescent rite of passage, albeit an illegal one. What should you do if you child is caught?
How can you talk to your child about race? Here's parenting advice from an expert.
Talking to your teen can be a challenge. Here are some surefire conversation starters that will get the words flowing between you and your kid.
Tackling the sexuality talk may seem daunting, but here are some helpful tips for how to talk to your kids (at any age) about sexuality.
Here are some tips for helping your kids through divorce.
What's behind the increasing levels of prescription drug abuse among adolescents, even as levels of drinking, smoking, and use of 'street drugs' has fallen?
Many teens experience depression, family conflicts, or feelings of isolation. Here's your guide to finding the right kind of help for your struggling teen.
It's not just speeding and irresponsible behavior that causes teen crashes, it's also inexperience and lack of practice. Here's how to help.
Browse talking about tough issues educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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