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Here are a few things to keep in mind when you decide to take the plunge and broach the difficult topic of puberty.
Even the most sensible kids take risks they shouldn't on prom night.  Here's what you need to know to keep your teen safe.
Parents may never have heard of it, but surveys show that 20 to 60 percent of teens are 'sexting'. What is sexting and how can parents deal with it?
Young love rarely lasts a semester, let alone a lifetime.  But experts warn that when teen hearts are broken, kids can carry the hurt well into adulthood.
Worried about having 'the talk' with your child? Here's what you need to know to make the topic of sex safe and accessible.
Talking to kids about sex can be difficult, but it can also be a healthy, loving way to help children explore tough terrain.
A new study suggests that early puberty is occurring in girls as young as first grade. Here's what parents need to know about this startling trend.
Regardless of which parent it falls to to explain relationships and sex to your son, it's an important discussion to have that will benefit your family for years to come.
Resources and expert parenting advice for parents coping with the revelation that their child is gay.
The only thing more painful than not getting asked to prom? Watching your daughter sit home dateless when she'd rather be the belle of the ball.
Got a daughter between the ages of 9 and 26? Tell her to roll up her sleeve; there's a new vaccine in town, and it's only for girls.
These days, there’s no need to suffer from acne in silence. Today’s teens have an arsenal of acne-fighting choices that are safe and effective. Here's what's new.
Outlines the major physical changes that occur in adolescence (puberty, mood changes, sleep requirements, etc.) and some of the ways they affect behavior.
A new trend in teenage sleepovers is causing parents to wonder when this rite of passage became a matter of right or wrong. The issue? Coed slumber parties.
How does reality television affect our kids? These prime-time shows can have important lessons, and risks, for teens and preteens.
Puberty comes with an increased sexual drive and feelings of sexual attraction. Why a child develops a specific sexual orientation is a matter of great debate.
It's bound to happen: you'll need to have the dating talk with your kid at some point, Lucky for you, we've got some pointers on how to tackle the conversation.
Browse teen sexuality and dating educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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