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As a parent, what can you do to prevent teen pregnancy? Plenty, it turns out!
Talking to your teen can be a challenge. Here are some surefire conversation starters that will get the words flowing between you and your kid.
Getting teens to read is a great challenge, but not an impossible one. Here are some clever ideas to get you going.
Research shows that there aren't as many rebellious teenagers as parents believe there are. Here are some ways to improve your relationship with your teen.
Here are some ways to deal with a teen who talks back and shows disrespect.
What can you do to ensure that your adventurous teen respects the rules this summer?
Here are some things that parents can do to make sure that their teen is using technology responsibly.
Is your child being bullied? Here's how to tell, and what to do about it.
Talking to your teenager about drinking is very important, but parents can feel nervous and intimidated about what to say. Read on for expert advice and general tips for talking to your teen about alcohol.
Help your teen avoid the summer math slide and retain math skills with these painless educational activities.
What exactly are the benefits of teens putting pen to paper? Expert Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Ph.D. says writing can help teens gain confidence and fight stress.
Numerous new laws have been ennacted across the country, effective, January 1, 2011 that affect the lives of teens and their parents.
Word to parents: your teens can't avoid peer pressure, but you can teach them decision-making skills to soften the damage.
Most teens experience some symptoms of depression on a regular basis. So what kind of behavior is cause for concern?
Young love rarely lasts a semester, let alone a lifetime.  But experts warn that when teen hearts are broken, kids can carry the hurt well into adulthood.
Next year's prom is a long time away, but that cocktail dresscould make it possible for a high school girl who couldn't otherwise afford it to go to prom.
It's bound to happen: you'll need to have the dating talk with your kid at some point, Lucky for you, we've got some pointers on how to tackle the conversation.
Studying abroad is not all fun and games. It's a big commitment and a huge responsibility. Find out if your kid is ready for the challenge.
Browse educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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