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Here is expert advice on how to talk to your teen about bullying.
From school work to sports to college search, is your schedule making you tired? Here are some tips for coping with senior year.
It's important to talk to your teen about drinking. Here's some advice from the experts.
A growing number of high school seniors are deciding to take a breather, or a gap year, before heading to the dormitory. Here are 11 great options.
While it's true that you can't control your teen's choices in friends, you should expect to coach them. How? Here are three guidelines to follow.
Do today's teens have what it takes to make ethical decisions?
Does your teen need (or want) a fifth year of high school?  A parents' guide to understanding the post-graduate year.
As children grow into teens, they're ready for new reading challenges. Here are five teen-friendly 'adult' books to get them going.
Many teens experience depression, family conflicts, or feelings of isolation. Here's your guide to finding the right kind of help for your struggling teen.
The same attitude that can drives parents crazy may also be the key to powerful and evocative writing. Here are ways to harnass your teen's spunk for good:
It's not just speeding and irresponsible behavior that causes teen crashes, it's also inexperience and lack of practice. Here's how to help.
Peer pressure is one of the most difficult subjects to broach with teenagers. So what's the best way to get a teen's perspective on on the issue? Ask them!
More teens are turning to plastic surgery to 'fix' the flaws that bother them. Here's parenting advice for discussing risks and uncovering underlying issues.
Below is a cheat sheet to help your teen learn the ins and outs, including how to identify bias, how to read the media and ways to view political satire.
The end of high school is approaching, and there's that looming questions: what happens next? Here's what you need to know.
Here are some tips to keep your teen safe on the road this summer.
By the preschool years, most children are spending time on computers . But is it healthy for preschoolers to be interacting with computers?
Teens and trouble: think they go together like bread and butter? Well, you may be wrong.  Parenting tips on setting limits for your teen.
Browse educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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