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It's called a 'gap year.' And the concept is now starting to gain significant steam here in America.
The average teen sends one text message every 10 minutes while awake. Here are some ways you can manage the your teen's cell phone mania.
Few teens are getting the nine hours of sleep per night that researchers say they need. Here's what you can you do about it.
As teens, we follow everyone else because we aren't sure how to be ourselves.
The experience of stress during the college application process is inevitable - for both teens and their parents. Here are some guidelines to make this a
These days, there’s no need to suffer from acne in silence. Today’s teens have an arsenal of acne-fighting choices that are safe and effective. Here's what's new.
Is your teen struggling with a learning disability, or is he troubled in other ways? Find out how to tell whether he's learning different or troubled.
Counseling teens can be tricky business. Often when social workers receives a call for help to counsel a teen it is from from an exasperated parent who no
If you have a teen that is dating, be alert for signs of abuse, both physical and emotional. Learn about these signs, here.
There are many advantages of choosing community college over a four-year university. Here are three of the most compelling.
Stumped for the perfect gift for your grad? These six books take kids from grade school to grown-up with insights that will stay with them for years.
Does the economy have your family in a rut? Here are a few tips for helping teens understand the importance of money management.
What is my learning style? For teens, finding the answer is the key to memorizing the quadratic formula and other important concepts in school.
Ten years after the Columbine shooting, school safety is still on the minds of parents and educators. Are schools any better prepared than they were a decade ago?
One in three online teens have experienced online harassment. Girls are more likely to be victims. Read more facts about cyberbullying and online teens.
Students are showing improvement in an academic arena many fear is being overtaken by an electronic world.
Here are some things that seniors should keep in mind in their last semester of high school.
New studies show that some women of 25 already have the bone-loss of a 75 year-old. What's going on?
Browse educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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