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You don't need to know long division or world history to improve your child's test performance. Help your child at home with these seven tips.
By preparing a plan to approach exams, students give themselves a big boost. Here are some strategies on how to do well on short answer and essay tests.
Pulling an all-nighter is no way to go, but many see no alternatives to the occasional cram-session. But all-nighters may be doing more harm than good.
How can you help your teen avoid choking on the day of the SAT test? Here are some expert stressbusters to ease test anxiety and help your teen succeed.
Here are some ways you can help your child cope with the stress of taking standardized tests.
Learning how to take tests is a skill in itself. Find out how students can benefit from test-taking skills.
The PSAT can lead to scholarships for your college-bound teen, and help her prepare for other tests ahead of her. Find out how you can help her ace the exam.
Do you find your kids frantically trying to cram those words into memory at the last minute? Here are some ways to prepare for the test, without the stress.
Standardized testing in kindergarten is happening in some states. And for many educators and parents, this reality is cause for great concern.
Here are ten homework tips to take the stress out of homework for the ADHD child.
Everyone blanks on a test sometimes. Here are some strategies to help you make an educated guess.
Here are teacher tips for parents on getting their child test-ready in a timely fashion.
Outlines evaluations that will give students a perception of control over achievement outcomes, direct future efforts and point out developing competencies.
Find out what kind of test preparation will work best for your teen.
Analogies don't have to be a headache. Especially if you introduce them  early and make them fun!
Standardized tests are a unique test genre, so teachers can't assume that students already know how to take standardized reading tests. Here's some guidance.
Parenting advice on helping kids prepare for a big exam. Here's how to make sure they don't freeze up when the big moment arrives.
Read about several factors can affect the reliability of a test including test length, speed and objectivity.
Browse test preparation educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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