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Find out which  math classes are essential for getting into a good college.
The Math SAT contains Computations, Algebra, Probability, Functions, and Geometry. Here are five practice problems that demonstrate each type of question.
It's called a 'gap year.' And the concept is now starting to gain significant steam here in America.
Knowing these 50 words will give your teen a leg up on the SAT verbal section.
A growing number of high school seniors are deciding to take a breather, or a gap year, before heading to the dormitory. Here are 11 great options.
Here are a list of options to consider when your child decides not to attend college.
Now is the time to help your child score a great summer internship.
Some students aren't ready to start college right away, or maybe formal education just isn't for them. Either way, here are some tips to kick-start a career.
Transitioning from high school to college poses a major shift for everyone.  There are ways to relieve both your separation anxiety and your child's stress.
How to communicate with your teen. Why communication with your high school aged child is important and parenting tips.
Navigating the college tour: expert advice from a former Stanford University tour guide.
The most daunting aspect of the college application process can be the dreaded 'personal statement.' Here's how to get your teen through it.
Here's a guide to writing a personal statement for your college applications that will rise to the top of the pile.
Is a college education worth the price-tag? Usually. But here are some colleges that are a better deal than most.
Parenting a teenager has never been easy, but come SAT time, the road can get a little rocky. Here are some tips to help your child ace the SAT essay.
Helping your children get into college is no picnic. But with tuition outpacing inflation, paying for your child's education can be an even bigger headache.
If you're sending a friend or family member to college this fall, celebrate with gifts designed to pamper, inspire, and protect.
Here are some parenting tips for handling those knucklebiting months.
Browse twelfth grade educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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