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Theater is suddenly hot, and your child may be showing interest in this year's school play. But do you really want him to be an actor?
Read on to explore both the successes and failures of a Waldorf education.
Teachers aren't magicians or super heroes. They can't freeze time and they can't read minds. Therefore, they can't possibly give every student a personalized education. Too many students, too little time. But time and we see that for children to reach their potential as students, they must be interested, engaged and given plenty of one-on-one help. You can help give your child a personal education plan with some basic steps and a little bit of free time. You can't do the job of all your child's teachers, but you can certainly join the team.
Do school vouchers have benefits for students, schools and communities? A new study sheds light on the controversy.
Tests and homework are generic -- so what does that mean for your kid's individual needs? Give him an educational boost with a personalized education.
Pull the curtains on the “me” show gently and lovingly with these strategies for diverting attention-seeking behavior.
Here are some ideas to help lift civic education off the pages of that dusty old textbook and bring it to life.
Don't let regulation khakis have you singing the blues this fall--instead, look for other ways to nurture originality in your child's world.
Martin Luther King, Jr. taught us that leadership is about working together. Here are some ways to teach leadership skills to your child.
What are 'Multiple Intelligences?'  An inside look into Dr. Howard Gardner's theories and what they could mean to your child.
A few small adjustments to your child's study habits might just have him moving from slacker toward scholar in no time.
This Black History Month, take the time with your child to listen your way through 80 years of African-American musical royalty.
There are many ways to open the channels of communication with your child and his teachers--no hovering or snooping involved! Here's how.
Experts say parents should nurture their child's appreciation and enjoyment of music.
Honor the rich heritage of these four African-American leaders by transforming their words and deeds into personal life lessons for both you and your child.
Experts say that infusing the creative arts into the core curriculum could help struggling students get a leg up. But how?
Here's how to teach your child to be a self-advocate in the classroom.
More public schools are offering single sex education. Here's what you should know about co-ed.
Browse educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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