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Considering requesting a change in teachers? Here's what you need to know about how the system works, how to communicate, and how to advocate for your child.
Your kid might be excited about missing a few days of school to embark on holiday vacation, but you and his teacher know it's not a piece of cake to keep up with the curriculum when he's absent. How can you make holiday plans without putting a kink in your kid's academics? Read on!
High stakes test results from a teacher's class can make or break a career, not to mention a school's budget. This pressure has led some schools to cheat the system. Avoid dishonesty by helping your child through testing with these tips.
Here are expert ideas from a child psychologist for helping your preschooler play with others.
Do you find your kids frantically trying to cram those words into memory at the last minute? Here are some ways to prepare for the test, without the stress.
What are co-parenting classes all about, and should divorced parents be mandated to attend them?
Is it financially feasible for U.S. families to 'go green?' Get strategies for having an eco-friendly family while saving money at the same time.
This article discusses in depth the various types of wordplay. Parents and teachers can help students with wordplay activities to help them to be more powerful
Starting at a new school is never easy, but these tips from the experts will make the transition smooth for parents and kids alike.
Wondering how to support your child's transition from pre-reading to reading? Here are some parenting tips and resources to get your child started.
There many types of poetry for kids (and adults), but few are as fun and free as renga. Learn how to write renga poetry.
Many school districts now offer quite a few choices such as magnet schools and charters. Is it time to consider one of them?
The guest editors of's Special Edition on bullying answer some questions about bullying.
Public school workers are finding it harder than ever to earn a living wage in these harsh economic times. Here are some ways to support your school.
Outlines ten core concepts which frame our current understanding of early development and can serve as guides for interacting with very young children.
Spontaneous and independent use of commercial toys is not possible for many children with cerebral palsy.  Suggested six ways on how to make the toy easier to
A great start to the school year also means the healthiest start possible. Here are some essential health-related tips to keep in mind.
Want to get your child started down the road to a greener school? Here are the top 5 things kids can do to help green up their schools.
Browse educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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