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Science careers are in high demand. Here are a few easy ways you can bring the science curriculum into your child's everyday life in a meaningful way.
Summarizes the importance of incorporating available technology into classroom experiences making teachers—and their students—more successful.
Examines recent research and recommendations for how science education should be reformed to achieve the goal of scientific and technological literacy for all
An introduction to educational or instructional technology and it's purposes.
Tips for parents on organizations and internet resources that you can use to help create an “active” learning environment for science, technology, engineering,
Describes the current status of the goals for science education.  Goals include scientific knowledge and methods, societal issues, personal needs, and career
The top ten challenges that are created by the growing use of technology in education.
Would you rather your daughter become an actress or engineer? Parent attitudes can have a profound effect on the career paths of girls. Here's how to help.
Here's how you can help inspire in your daughter a positive attitude about science.
How does President-elect Barack Obama plan to improve math, science and tech education? Find out here.
Looking for fun, interactive games for your kid? The best first grade appsincluding reading apps for first graders and first grade math appsfocus on foundational skills and reinforce classroom concepts. Keep little fingers busy (and young minds sharp) with these engaging, educational apps created for first grade and beyond.
Find out what the Khan Academy is all about, and how it's changing education from inside the classroom.
This article describes a step-by-step program used to enhance your child's awareness of the images he or she sees in media, especially violent images in video
Which computer applications are important to your teen's future, and which are distracting her from her homework? Here are the 10 tech skills your teen needs.
A report from the Office of Educational Technology makes seven recommendations for continuing to improve the use of educational technology in schools.
According to a recent report, most teens feel unprepared for careers in technology and engineering. Here's how you can help.
A parent's guide top help kids become technologically literate. The importance of technology  and science in your child's education and life.
Read about seven amazing kids who are using their talents and interests to make valuable impacts on their communities.
Browse educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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