Your toolkit for Back to School ...and beyond!

Your toolkit for Back to School
...and beyond!

Tips and Tricks for a Unique School Year

Parent's Guide to 5th Grade - Part 3

Explore tools for social emotional success with Part 3 of our Parent's Guide. Inside you'll find tips to help your child develop social and self-awareness, manage emotions and stress, learn how to make good choices, and more!

Beat the Summer Slide
Fifth Grade Fall Review Packet - Week 3
Help learners gear up for a new year with this Fifth Grade Fall Review Packet - Week 3, complete with 5 days of activities in math, reading, writing, science, and social studies.
Games that Make Learning Fun
Water Rafting: Rounding Decimals to the Nearest Hundredth
Help your fifth grader review their decimal knowledge with this engaging, educator-created game.
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Like taking a peek inside your child’s classroom, our Weekly Boost offers resources and lessons in step with the school year. Just follow our expert-designed flow to give your child access to great supplemental resources.

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