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Second graders can finally get in on the fun of Brainzy! We recently expanded our math and reading program for kids ages 3-8 to include a new second grade math section, featuring games, songs, and stories.

Brainzy Second Games

To help us with our expansion into second grade, we recruited experienced educators to identify the most important math concepts to cover. Once overarching skills were determined, teacher consultants were brought in to help. Our education experts oversaw the execution of each skill in a digital context, translating the most effective hands-on, manipulative learning strategies into gaming experiences. We then tested our games in real second grade classrooms to ensure their quality and effectiveness. Boasting 38 new games, our new sequences cover essential second grade math skills, including addition, subtraction, place value, geometry, measurement and data, time, and money. Fun and creative songs and stories put new concepts into contexts that help math learners understand them in fresh ways.

These Brainzy games encourage students to try out new skills without a fear of failure, and have fun as they persevere to master each skill they tackle.

You can unlock our entire second grade learning program on the Brainzy dashboard as part of your Plus or Pro account. A sampling of our brand new games are available to play, with more being added each week. Check out a selection of our second grade math games now. Later this year, we’ll add second grade reading games to help your child grow and become a better reader and writer.

About the Author

Jenny Paradise found the perfect marriage of her passions and skills when she joined the team in 2011.

Previously, Jenny served as a Web Producer for Extra TV, where she oversaw editorial initiatives and built a varied skill set for digital content production. She discovered a love for early childhood education while teaching English abroad in South Korea. Since starting at, Jenny has been an influential content creator for the company, lending her expertise to the site’s games, products and resources for educators. She is passionate about improving how kids learn, and enjoys empowering educators.

Jenny holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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