Character Challenge

We believe there’s a math superhero in every child. So, as part of Math Month, we’re launching the Character Challenge! One winning character will be selected to appear live on! To enter the Challenge, please submit your child’s or student's best drawing of a superhero character, using our printable online form, and follow the instructions below.

For rules and details, please click here.

To submit your child’s or student's character, download a Character Submission Form then follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Information and Permissions (required)

Please download, read, and complete the Parent/Guardian Consent Form on the Character Submission download form above. All forms require a parent or legal guardian’s signature.

Step 2: Describe or Illustrate Your Character

Have your child or student draw or write about their superhero character idea.

We also recommend asking older children to outline their ideas on a separate piece of paper before submitting their final draft.

Step 3: Submit Your Character

Take a photo of or scan your completed character submission page, along with your signed submission approval form, and email it to

Please be sure the image is high resolution enough that all writing is legible and all illustrations are clearly visible.

Or, send to us via conventional mail:
Attn: Character Challenge
401 E. 3rd Ave.
San Mateo, CA 94401

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