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Science Projects 2012

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Clay Enzyme

This science fair project idea explores how enzyme inhibitors, active sites, non-competitive enzyme inhibitors, and substrates work.

Potato Chip Science: How Greasy Are Your Potato Chips?

How greasy are your potato chips? Students will use a reliable method to quantify greasiness and compare different brands in this great science fair project.

How Earthworms and Philodendrons Help Each Other Grow

This project explores how earthworms' activities of organic digestion and tunneling help the growth and health of a philodendron.

The Role of Fat in Food

This science experiment examines the role of fat in food, especially in making bread rise and whipping cream.

Does Vinegar Kill Germs?

In this project, vinegar and salt act as preservatives keeping bacteria from growing in the bouillon mixtures.

Latent Fingerprints

Science fair project that develops latent fingerprints on a non-porous objects by converting superglue from a solid state to a gaseous state.

Sizing Up Marshmallows

Marshmallows are made of sugar, water, and air pockets. Since the marshmallow is flexible, will air pressure cause it to expand when heated in a microwave?

Vitamin E is for Exquisite Looking Skin

In this project, the affects of vitamin E are observed on a rose petal.

For the Birds

The project determines which type of birds prefer which type of birdseed.

Streak Test

In this science fair project, students use the streak test to tell minerals apart from each other.

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