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Science Projects 2012

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What Do Ants Eat?

What do ants eat? Kids find out by observing a colony of ants in this cool zoology science fair project for 4th grade.

Yeast Lab: Antifungal Agents

What does yeast eat? Sugar, of course. But yeast also has some powerful enemies in the form of antifungal agents! Kids test them out in this fun yeast lab.

Dig This: Biodegradation

How do organic materials become soil? This science experiment measures what materials biodegrade.

The Ghost in the Tube

In this science fair project, you'll make a "ghost" appear in a test tube, and learn about what happens when hot water and cold water interact.

Where Did the Ladybug Get Her Spots?

This science project lets students explore the number of spots on a ladybird and how to treat ladybugs with respect.

Compost Ingredients

The purpose of this science fair project is to determine which conditions and materials quicken the composting process to make the best compost.

How to Make a Lie Detector

This science fair project idea investigates whether body language and heart rate can decipher who's lying and who's not.

Your Dominant Side

Research hemispheric brain dominance in order to determine if you have a dominant side. Test foot, ear dominance. Record observations.

Freezing and Thawing of Water and Salt

What can you use salt for? Cooking? Melt snow? Freeze ice cream? Do this free science fair project and explore the unique chemical reactions with salt.

Types of Cookie Sheets

Cookie catastrophe! In this project you will determine if different types of cookie sheets can cause cookies to bake differently.

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