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Stevie Wonder Biography

Learn more about Stevie Wonder, one of the country's most treasured musicians, in this reading and writing worksheet.

Summer Writing Prompt

Don't get caught in the summer slide! Help to spark your little writer's imagination this summer break with a fun and creative writing prompt.

Write About Summer

Every kid loves summertime! Keep his writing skills honed and ready for fall with a fun summer writing prompt.

Buffalo Facts

Whether you say buffalo or bison, it is still the largest land mammal in North America. Discover a bit more about this majestic animal.

California Condor Facts

The California condor has been brought back from the brink of extinction. This worksheet will help your little bird lover learn all about the condor.

Grizzly Bear Facts

The grizzly bear once roamed across most of North America; now its habitat has shrunk to the northwest. Discover more about the grizzly with this worksheet.

Horned Lizard Facts

The horned lizard has a scary exterior but a gentle personality. Your little student can learn about this North American lizard with this worksheet.

Summer Writing

Summer is a time for fun adventures! Give your child a fun way to keep his writing skills honed during vacation time.

All About Mom

Exercise your beginning writer's creativity and sentence-building skills with this fun family project, all about mom!

Silverback Gorilla Facts

The silverback gorilla is a special animal. This magnificent male is part of an endangered species. Complete this sheet to learn all about this gentle giant.

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