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Foods in Spanish

Learn the Spanish words for some of your favorite snacks and meals! Would you rather have some helado or some papas fritas?

Instruments in Spanish

Want to be a bilingual musician? Learn how to pronounce and spell your favorite musical instruments in Spanish!

Sports in Spanish

Add some Spanish to your sports practice with this cool worksheet! From basketball to football, learn the Spanish names for all your favorite sports.

Letter D in Spanish

Get to know the letter D in Spanish, which can be a great way to build your child's phonics and grammar skills, and even English language arts knowledge.

Spanish Alphabet: "B"

Help your budding bilinguist master the Spanish alphabet with a fun worksheet. This one focuses on the letter "B", pronounced "beh" in Spanish.

Electronics in Spanish

Do you know your televisor from your telefono ? Learn the Spanish names for familiar electronics you use everday!

The Spanish Alphabet: F

Get to know the letter F in Spanish, which can be a great way to build phonics and grammar skills, and even her English language arts abilities.

Landforms in Spanish

Get some Spanish practice with this nature-themed worksheet full of familiar landforms.

Furniture in Spanish

Figure out the Spanish names of familiar furniture items in this great worksheet. You'll be pointing around the house and speaking Spanish before you know it.

Counting in Spanish

Review numbers in Spanish with your beginning Spanish speaker. He'll hunt for these different items around the house and practice counting them up!

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