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Color the Hibiscus Fairy

This cute coloring page features a pretty hibiscus fairy for your child to have fun coloring-in

Flowered Fairy Coloring Page

Grab some green crayons and color in this earthy fairy.

Flower Fairy Coloring Page

Have you ever seen a flower fairy before? Here's your chance! Give your child's imagination a boost with this pretty coloring page.

Cute Fairy

Buzzzzz! There are no limits when it comes to the world of fantasy. Activate your child's imagination by having her color an adorable bumble bee fairy.

Color the Sports Fairy: Cheerleader

Your child will love coloring in this cheerleader fairy. Your child will be encouraged to color in this fairy's uniform with her favorite sports team's colors.

Color the Fairy of Mushrooms

Here's a cool fairy that looks after the groups of mushrooms called fairy rings.

Paint the Petite Pixie

Let your child's imagination fly with the fairies, in this fun coloring picture.

Color the Fairy at Sea

This pretty fairy is crossing the sea, in her very own homemade leaf boat. Urge your kid to pick her favorite colors to fill in this delightful scene.

Color the Sports Fairy: Frisbee

This coloring activity will allow your preschooler to shade in a Frisbee-playing fairy.

Color the Missing Fairy Wings

Let your child's imagination finish this pretty picture, and give her drawing practice too. Can she put the wings on the fairy in this coloring page?

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