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Grape Juice
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Turn Your Child into a Letter Detective!

This activity turns kids into word detectives - scouring their way through documents in search of their prey.

Grow Bean Sprouts Without Soil

Kids conduct a simple science experiment to see if seeds can grow without soil in this simple kindergarten science activity.

Make Milk Carton Counting Houses

Using nothing fancier than old milk cartons and popsicle sticks, create a village full of fun learning for your kindergarten math student.

Make Scented Play Dough

Make your own play dough at home with a fruity scent using this easy activity!

Higher or Lower

This is an easy counting game for preschoolers and toddlers. Great for car trips!

Make Water Flow Up With Capillary Action

This simple preschool experiment will show your child that water can move up as well as down. Introduce the scientific concepts of gravity and capillarity.

Play Jan-Ken-Pon, or Japanese Rock-Paper-Scissors

Kids learn how to play Jan-Ken-Pon, Japanese rock-paper-scissors, in this fun preschool activity.

Outdoor Oven

In this activity, you child will learn about how heat changes food. On the next sunny day, head outdoors to make a treat in an outside oven! Here's how:

Learn Gravity with Parachute People

Sneak in a science lesson by creating your own parachute people using a handkerchief and a lightweight figurine.

Pump It Up!

Teach your child about using pumps to move water in this simple and educational preschool science activity!

Dried Apples

In this activity, you and your preschooler will cut and dry your own apples to create a healthy and sweet snack to eat in the months to come.

Make a Straw-Blown Painting!

Do this exciting project that lets your child use her own breath to create a funky painting that will add colorful flair to any home!

Bug Jar

Help your child hunt and capture bugs to observe to practice important science skills and satisfy her curiosity simultaneously!

Make a THINGS I LIKE Poster!

Put your junk mail to good use! Armed with a stack ads and a few simple art supplies, your preschooler can make a cool poster for his room.

Capillary Action: It's Flower Power!

Dye a flower! This preschool science activity is an inventive and colorful way to introduce your child to the physics and biology of capillary action.

Create a "Words I Know" Book

This activity uses the signs and words kids see around them every day, to create a book they can read on their own.

Tin Can Phone

Tin can phones offer something modern versions don't - a fun project to make with a friend, and a dramatic illustration of vibration and sound waves.

Grow Grass... and a Pet

Give your child a chance to experiment with how things grow. And throw in something extra to up the fun factor even more...her very own grass pet!

Build a Pine Cone Bird Feeder!

Build a kindergarten bird feeder science craft that brings birds to your yard, and a smile to the whole family's face.

Mini Ice Sculptures!

Have your kid build an ice sculpture in this activity that's so fast, fun, and messy it's the perfect way to demonstrate how much fun experiments can be!

Make a Science Discovery Table!

Make a kindergarten "discovery table" that reinforces both science and writing skills. Here's how:

Plant an Indoor Sponge Garden

When the wind starts blowing, you and your child can plant a sponge garden in the comfort of your own kitchen. Here's how:

Sink or Float: A Science Experiment

Does a paper clip float? Does a sponge sink? Let your child find out! This experiment is simple science fun.

Make Creepy Crawly Pretzel Snacks

How can you tell the difference between a spider and an insect? Your child will find out as he makes a tray of yummy creepy crawly snacks.

Mystery Paint

Here's a fun and magical art activity, where kids paint an invisible picture that can only be revealed when painted over with watercolors!

Grow Your Own Herbs

Here's a way to make history both interesting and relevant: design a garden using plants that were used by people in colonial times!

Pine Cone Bird Feeder

This homemade bird feeder will bring some feathered friends in for some closer observation, and it's a breeze for little kids to make. Get out that pine cone!

Color Matching

This preschool activity uses paint chips to help your child learn about different shades of colors and how to find different colors in nature.

Have Fun with Yellow Science

Increase your preschooler's observation skills with this fun and colorful science experiment!

Create an Egg Carton Color Sorter

Teach your preschooler color recognition using this handy egg carton sorter. She will group objects by color and learn to recognize their names with this tool.

Germ Science: Why Handwashing Matters

Help children understand the power of germs and the importance of hand washing with this visual activity that introduces the concept of scientific inquiry.

Make a Soda Bottle Greenhouse

In this hands-on activity, kids learn what it takes to foster seedlings into full-grown plants, all in a regular old soda bottle!

Play the Rainbow to Explore Acoustics

In this activity, your child fills jars with water to learn about acoustics, and practices mixing colors to form a rainbow of colors and sounds.

Bean Sprout Science

After completing this fun science project, your child will have a better understanding of plants, and she may even develop a green thumb in the process!

Ice Cube Bead Necklaces

Help your preschooler create ice cube bead necklaces to cool off while practicing gross motor skills and sequencing, and discussing states of matter.

Craft an Underwater Viewer!

Help your preschooler practice observing and experimenting with this exciting activity where she'll get to examine objects below the water's surface!

Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Create your very own scented hand sanitizer that will help your child to keep those nasty germs at bay!

Bake Alphabet Pretzels!

Practice the alphabet with your kindergartener by mixing and baking letter-shaped pretzels.

Papier-Mâché Bracelet

These papier-mâché bracelets are simple to make, and the result is truly stunning!

Make Scented Pumpkins

Your preschooler will engage his senses by making a scented pumpkin to decorate your house.

Your Nose Knows! Have Fun with Smell Science

Help your kindergarten scientist predict and observe as she explores the science of smell...and have a great time doing it, too.

Apple Slice Science!

Apple slices can turn brown, but when they are coated with lemon juice the acid keeps the apples fresh. Here's how to help your preschooler experiment:

See-Through Egg Science

This science exploration lets your first grader see how eggs can provide a perfect environment for a living, growing creature.

Explore Earth Science and Make a "Worm Hotel"

Use simple materials to build a "worm hotel" with your kindergarten soil scientist...and see what worms really do all day.

Plant a Fail-Safe Veggie Garden

Develop your child's green thumb with this easy planting activity. These plants are guaranteed to grow fast and are "brown-thumb" proofed!

Make a Marble Run!

This fun, think-outside-the-box activity introduces kids to gravity and other basic scientific concepts as they construct an impressive marble run!

Spinning Science: Disappearing Color!

Did you ever think you could make colors disappear right before your eyes? This science experiment is just like a magic trick: now you see it, now you don't!

Explore Color Science with Grape Juice

Your kid will be captivated as she watches liquids change color before her very eyes during this fun science project that introduces some chemistry basics.

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