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Letter Cc

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D Book

Make a D book by finding all the pictures of things that start with a D sound.

C Book

Helping your preschooler with letter sounds just got more fun! Cut and paste to make a book all about the letter C.

Letter Recognition: C

How many C's does the woodchuck have in his silly tongue twister? Kids find and count each letter C in the rhyme on this kindergarten reading worksheet.

Trace and Write the Letter C

Candy, cactus, and carrot all begin with C! On this prekindergarten writing worksheet, kids trace C and write the letter next to pictures that begin with C.

Practice Tracing the Letter C

First, kids trace lines on this prekindergarten writing worksheet to strengthen the fine motor skills needed to form the letter C. Then they trace the letter C!

Beginning Sounds Coloring: Sounds Like Cat

Kids learn the sound of the letter C as they color things that start like cat in this beginning sounds coloring page.

Color by Letter: Capital and Lowercase C

This color by letter kindergarten reading worksheet features capital and lowercase C. Kids use a key to color the page and reveal a hidden cactus picture.

Cupcake Maze

This simple cupcake maze is a great way to exercise those writing muscles and boost hand-eye coordination at the same time.

Castle Maze

Can your child find her way through the castle without getting stuck?

Letter Maze: C

Kids bake cookies by completing a C maze on this kindergarten reading worksheet. They draw a path from the cookies to the oven by following the C's.

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