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Grammar for Grumblers

As an English tutor, I'm constantly searching for ways of making boring old grammar fun to learn. Here are some great games and activities for teaching your children about the basic parts of speech and sentence structure.
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Spark a Story

This activity will help generate ideas for your child to write about...without the moans and groans!

Gotcha! A Punctuation Readaloud Game

Let your child catch you making deliberate errors in this silly game that promotes serious learning about punctuation.

Plan Stories with The Five-Finger Technique

Got the pre-writing blues? Try this simple five-finger technique to help your second grader develop a sequenced plan for her early compositions.

Get into Grammar: Identify Adjectives

Can your second grader spot the adjectives in this slew of sentences, and write them in the blank spaces on the right?

All About Adverbs: Describing Animal Actions

Can your child think of words to describe how a giraffe jumps or a horse trots? Teach them all about adverbs with help from this creative grammar worksheet.

Make a "My Favorite Nouns" Book

Help your first grader understand what a noun is with this fun photo book that catalogs her favorite people, places, and things!

Reading Roundup: Find the Nouns #1

Give your child's grammar a boost with this 2nd grade reading worksheet that offers practice in separating nouns from other parts of speech.

Reading Roundup: Find the Verbs #1

Kids circle all the verbs on the page to help them understand this important part of speech in this 2nd grade reading worksheet.

Play Nursery Rhyme Madlibs!

Here's a silly game that uses nursery rhymes to introduce a big concept in first grade reading and writing: learning about nouns and verbs.

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